Our fireplaces are available in gas, electric, or wood-burning, all of which have their own benefits!

Electric fireplaces - These are great options for convenience! Electric fireplaces don’t need any permanent ventilation and they’re portable. However they aren’t the best as a primary heating source - they’re best used for aesthetic value.

Gas fireplaces - With a gas fireplace, electricity isn’t needed. If you have problems with losing power during bad storms, a gas fireplace is a wonderful heat resource! It will also save you money on your furnace bill. We have direct-vent and vent-free options.

Wood-burning fireplaces - Ah, the traditional crackling of wood. There’s just nothing like it! You don’t need electricity OR gas, just natural wood (or gas logs). They’re high-efficiency and a great heat source for a low cost.

Our knowledgeable staff can inform you of the pros of each model and type, while considering your lifestyle and home.